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Some things are never enough — reading gadgetsmonkey.com, drinking mojito and collecting Hello Kitty stuff. Here it goes — pink with smiling kitty at the backside. Total love and sweetness would perfectly go with any of this Hello Kitty stuff. Looks like we need to create separate Hello Kitty category.

Hello Kitty keyboard retail for $80.


Last week it was Hello Kitty phone. This week it’s finally 3G phone with a Hello Kitty and Snoppy theme. The Toshiba 815T will feature 7 panels each for Hello Kitty and Snoopy. The phone comes with Hello Kitty bag, cell phone strap and jewel box same is the case with Snoopy. The phone comes preloaded with themed wallpapers, screensavers, ringtones etc. The Toshiba 815T has a 2.4 inch screen, HSDPA for high speed downloads and Felica for making wireless payments. With face recognition you can be assured that your secrets will never be out as the phone can be unlocked only by you.

Japan only. Why? Why? It looks like a total dream thing to me.




And here is another Hello Kitty gadget of the day. This time it’s the Hello Kitty phone produced by OKWAP. It is currently available for the Taiwanese market. It plays music and videos, also features a 2 mega-pixel camera and it is customizable with pinkish themes.

Will be a perfect match to Hello Kitty camera. Yay. Next cool thing to the iPhone, I suppose. Unluckily, no information about it’s pricing and release on other markets is available.


And now it’s our official Hello Kitty break! Maybe you already have these USB leg-warmers or an extra cute pink screen and keyboard dust cover but now it’s time for something completely different!

Casio Exilim 720 is now Hello Kitty Camera. Apart from the cuteness and some pink stickers with world’s most famous kitty-face brand, nothing changes. It is still 7.2 Megapixel camera with an 2.6 inch LCD screen, can record videos on a SDHC card. But it plays Hello Kitty start up images and sounds.

The Hello Kitty themed Casio Exilim 720 is available in Japan for 47,250 Yen ($ 400). Something perfect for “MySpace selfportraits”.


hk.jpgJust look at this marvelous Hello Kitty Pc covers! She wraps the monitor and keyboards with the Pink cover with Hello Kitty printed on them. The monitor cover is dressier with Kitty standing tall in a pink summery outfit and sporting a pink bow. It is ideal a flat-screen monitors.

As I’m huge Hello Kiity fan, I’m going to get rid from dust in my buttons and dull-grey colors just for $30.