nokia-7088.jpgI think we can sneak a peak on few specs of Nokia 7088. The FCC gave this wonder apply earlier this month and it has stuck to its reputation since, in our minds though. Let’s hope for the best from this (possibly) Series 40 handset. There are some pictures of an unidentified Nokia phone out on the internet, and there’s a chance that this may just be the sighting of the ever mysterious Nokia’s next torpedo (just lets hope it isn’t as catastrophic). Looks a bit like Nokia L’Amour series handset. The display and the button styling are typical, but then we do not even have concrete evidence is this it.

But the rumor says it.

[…] that was another L’amour collection Posted March 30th, 2007 in Mobile Phones Rumors about the Nokia 7088 can now calm down. Nokia has officially launched the Nokia 7088 which is not only the first CDMA […]

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